Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hot Mountain Bike Action

Last weekend was great.  We got a brief break from the polar arctic vortex sharknado or whatever the weathermen are calling it and instead, it was sunny.

Some friends let me insert myself into a ride they had planned.  We headed down to Athens for the Gravel Rouser put on by Athens Bicycle.  More on that later, but suffice it to say, it was a great ride.  Thanks Athens Bicycle!

After signing in, I got a race number.  It looked like this:

I got the number 6 not because I was early.  Quite the opposite.  By the time I got there, fumbled my bike out of the rack, and ran to the bathroom, to alleviate the pressures of the pot of coffee I drank, I was one of the last registrants.  They were actually out of numbers, but after a few minutes, produced this one for me.  My guess is that one of the race organizers gave up their number for me.  Again, kudos Athens Bicycles, but if you had realized what a horrible let down I would be, you probably would have kept the number.  More on that later.

Here's what the sweet tag looked like on my buddy Ed's sweet bike.  (My orange POS is in the background).

The theme for this ride's swag seemed to have been retro images of scantily clad people on or near bikes.  But the bike-obsessed among us only saw the bikes.

Study the image on the race number.  What stands out to you?  Your answer will determine your level of bike-geekdom.  Among my friends on the ride, the comments were along the following lines:

"Those look like the Original Oakley Blades."

"I think that's a RockShox Mag fork" and

"Is that bike full suspension?"*

*(Yes, it is.  Full details here).

**By the way, I found the original image, and she is rocking it!

Reminds me of the "selective attention" experiment.  Remember that?

We all see what we're trained to look for.

Your beer pairing today is Miller Lite.

I know it's not a very auspicious starting beer for this blog, but I have had my share of it.  And, really, what beer goes better with hot 1980's mountain bike action and original Oakley Blades?  Also, did we ever resolve that whole "less filling vs. great taste argument? Oh yeah, who cares?


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  1. Nice, I think there are enough food blogs with photos about the beer or wine that they pair, but the world has had a void of bike rides or other activities along with the best beer to pair. Don't limit yourself, I would guess that wine or whiskey would also go well. Word.