Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Different Kind of Easter Egg Hunt

A deviled egg
I'm a terrible parent.  It's Easter weekend and most families are out doing egg hunts.  Of course, not everyone finds what they're looking for.

But I took my family on a different kind of egg hunt. 

At 7:00, I roused the teenagers and we headed out to clean up the Olentangy trail.  My good friend shaved his tongue, wiped the sleep out of his eyes and joined us too.

But don't feel too bad for my kids.  This cleanup had all the trappings of a traditional Easter gathering.

Lots of our friends showed up from MetroParks: and Auntie FLOW came, and Uncle Sierra too.  There was breakfast and then we headed out.

We had out own Easter baskets.

And many of our friends showed up for the hunt too.

Some of the goodies were really well hidden.

But the kids still managed to find stuffed animals

No, we are not taking that home.
And they found plenty of sports equipment to play with.

Officially licensed merchandise
Easter goodies
Titleist Easter eggs
America's pastime
 Overall, I think my kids made a pretty good haul.  They even found clothing

And seasonally-appropriate decorations

I didn't say which season.
Of course, our biggest haul was bottles and cans.  My son, upon finding his first 40-ounce beer bottle asked "Seriously, who drinks a liter of beer anyway"? 

As a parent, a number of responses ran through my head.  Should I explain the addiction issues among many of the homeless who live on the trail?  Or should I explain about the teenagers who come here at dark sometimes to try their first drinks?  Should I admit that, in my younger days, I was known to have drunk a 40-ounce or two?

Fortunately, my friend saved me from this dilemma by providing and answer to my son - "Germans!" - he shouted.  We all laughed and kept on moving.  Germans indeed.

The biggest haul from my team came from an abandoned homeless camp.  We steered clear of existing camps.  People get touchy when you invade their space (whether it's theirs or not).  But, we cleaned up a large area that had been long abandoned.  We found dirty, rotten bedding, food wrappers, clothes, razors, toothbrushes, and bottles galore.  In the end, I'm pretty sure my team won:

 We couldn't get it all.  We ran out of time and trashbags.

Then we went home and followed the Great American Tradition of purchasing, boiling, and coloring more eggs than any of us will want to eat.  I feel gassy already.

Since this is ostensiby a bike blog, I would like to point put that I saw many features out by the river that I want to ride over with my mountain bike.  Including this:

And I would like to ride over those roots with this bike:

Salsa Buzzsaw.  Image from Bike Rumor

That's right.  A full suspension fatbike.  The Buzzsaw is to my bike as Bigfoot is to a Ford Ranger.

Your beer pairing:
There are a whole lot of possibilities for your beer pairing today.  I think we saw bottles of every kind of beer during our egg hunt.  But, in the end, the answer presented itself:

It's my size, but we're not taking it home.
That's right, we found a genuine Yuengling Lager shirt.  So, there you go.  Your beer recommendation provided by your guest recommender, the Olentangy Trail. 

It wasn't long ago that Yuengling first came to Columbus.  I was happy to see it come.  It's a solid offering at a reasonable price.  What could be more American?

Go forth and be brave, I love you.

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