Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mullets, Bikes, and Art

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First of all, further to my last post, Travis Freeman was hit in my neighborhood in March.  He's in recovery - throw him a couple bucks to help with his medical bills.  Seriously, what's $10 to you?  That's like one artisanal hot dog with kimchi slaw.  Just eat a plain weenie instead.

There's good news too - the City is going to expend some effort to improve the safety of Columbus roads for cyclists and pedestrians.  You can help guide the City's efforts by participating in this survey.
The survey closes by April 23, so hurry up!  I picked "c" for all my answers.  It's an old scantron trick.
Biking Mike (Coleman) Photo by Consider Biking
So there's Biking Mike.  Apparently a fan of the bikes.  By the way, I'm digging his bike clothes.  Looks like road bike shoes and gloves, with a track suit, over a shirt and tie.  A mountain bike helmet tops it off.  But I'm good with that.  I admire someone who wears what they like.  But the wrinkle that gets me is the tie with the bike shoes.*  It's the bicycling equivalent of a mullet: business on the top and party on the bottom. 

* Full disclosure, I have rocked the cycle mullet (tie and bike shoes) myself.  But only mountain bike shoes, never road shoes.  And never white shoes before labor day.  I mean seriously, I'm not a monster.

And a lot of cyclists like the actual mullet, so it's a natural.

Every kid I grew up with.  Photo By Daniel M. Hendrickson
Bradley Wiggins, Tour de France Winner, olympic Gold Medalist, Mullet enthusiast. Photo by
Tomac had hella mullet
Hell, there was even a bike named the mullet.
Anyway, talking about mullets, do you like art?  I do.  That's why I was unsatisfied with the previous header for this blog. 

Fortunately, Stevil of All Hail the black Market is artistically gifted and was willing to help.  The header above is cut from his original image:

The Town #36

Besides art, AHTBM is all about bikes, punk rock, and occasionally tennis balls.  Stevil is also the purveyor of my favorite socks

and bike stickers.

Go check AHTBM out.  I'll wait . . .

. . . Welcome back.  Where were we?  Oh right, art.

Do you like art?  I do.  Do you like bikes?  Me too.  Perhaps you will like art about bikes.  I don't know for sure though.  Only you know that for sure.

There will be a bicycle poster art show in Columbus, hosted by various bike shops and bike-friendly places.

Image from Wild Goose Creative
According to the website, It kicks off Saturday, May 3 at Wild Goose creative.  Then, the show will move around:

July - Baer Wheels
August - Cafe Brioso 

I am a fan of all of the aforementioned establishments.  So go there and see the art.  Support local artists and businesses.  And for fuck's sake, ride your bike there.  If you can't ride your bike to your local bike shop to view local bike art, well, I might just roshambo you.  

Also, the city of Columbus is hosting the most bureaucratic bike art contest ever.

I guarantee the winner will be a COGO bike with cow spots.
I mean, the contest is good, but the prize? A messenger bag, burritos and a COGO membership?  And what are the "surprises"?  A couple swift kicks in the balls? 

Anyway, at least the Seagull bag is choice.  I'm going to enter just for that.  Here's my submission:
Yeah, I'm pretty sure those burritos are in the bag.

Your beer pairing:
Four Strings Brass Knuckle

A really nice local IPA.  As far as beers go, this is just my cup of tea.  Perfect for sunny Spring weather.  And the owner's name is Dan.  And he plays bass, so I promise he had a mullet at some point. 

Go be brave!

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