Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Workshop Is Better Than Your Workshop

If you are a loyal reader of this blog, then you are either my Mom, or one of the two others who regularly return for the amazing content.  And, if so, you may have noticed that I didn't post an entry on Thursday this week. 

I was busy on Thursday constructing the magnificent workspace you see above.

You see, when you have an armada of bicycles, you need the space to work on them.  And I am an Admiral of the bicycle fleet. 

So, last week, I set out to build an area in my garage to work on bikes and to store bike-related accessories. I started out online, searching for plans.  Then I went to my garage to do sketches, measurements, and gauge the materials needed.  However, I soon realized that this was way complicated, so I said "fuck it" and just headed to the hardware store with a ful heart and an empty mind. 

I bought a bunch of wood and screws.  Would it be enough?  Maybe.  How should I know?  I already told you I didn't have a plan.


I built the workbench first, then hung the pegboard.

Then I built some shelves.

I also wanted to set up my pegboard with the proper tools in the proper order.  Or, at least with the tools I already have in the proper order.  But how to hang a bent screwdriver and a rusty pair of channel-locks? 

Luckily, the internet is full of experts.  Within minutes, my eyes were glazed over from all the "Pegboard Porn" available on the internets. Like this:

From Nine Little Tubes Blog
And this:
From Two Wheel Transit Bike Shop
And this:

After spending an hour or so perusing other peoples' instructions on how to set up a workbench and pegboard, I ultimately adopted my own approach.  "Fuck it, I'm hanging my tools on pegboard until I run out of hooks."  It worked pretty well and I ran out of hooks.  My only problem was hanging all my cable ends and housing ferrules.  Took me a while to hang each one.   

In the end, my workshop is good.  Probably better than yours.  And I have been working in it all week.

The other good thing I found out this week?  Both of our cars can fit on the car pad next to the garage.

That's good, because I need the entirety of the two car garage for bikes.  Stupid cars.  Always getting in the way of my bikes.

Your beer pairing:
Unita Summer Ale
Because my friend Mark just brought some over and it is delicious. 

Also, the swimming pool opened today.  BBQ.  Beautiful weather. 

Go be brave!  Just do it outside.


  1. Your bike is in the stand backwards #drivetrainout

    1. It's called the "bike mechanic reach around."