Monday, May 25, 2015

Hey, Let's Go Ride Bikes!

You may have noticed that I haven't posted for a month.  But probably not.  You have shit to do.  Me too.  I mean, those photos aren't going to bomb themselves . . .

Since we last spoke, I have been pretty busy.

I raced at Mountwood WV.  I'm in the Novice Clydesdale class.  So, racing fat beginners.  I finished in first place (of three). I would have been 4th in non-fat guy category, so, not bad.

Calvin raced too.  And Cecilia raced the kids race.

She needs to work on her game face.
Next was Great Seal.  I finished second Clydesdale (of eight). 

Calvin raced too.  He did his own tribute to the Breakfast Club:

And my team brought out its new banner. 

James Knott's creativity knows no bounds. 
We also enjoyed hot dogs and chips with our Great Lakes beer after the race.  That's why I joined team Breakaway Quickdirt.  The hot dogs and banners.  Seriously.

And it doesn't hurt that my teammates have been grabbing podium spots too.  Podium spots have been grabbed by Calvin, Mikey Worboy, Joe Worboy, Nahum Burt, Shannon Williams, Mark Hatten, Chris Boyle, Doug Armstrong, Tanum "Max" Kunihiko, and Michael Whaley. You can check the results here.

Next up was TOSRV, the 2-day 210-mile tour from Columbus to Portsmouth and back. 

All my friends that have done TOSRV bitch about the weather.  I don't know why, it was beautiful. Probably just whiners.

The fried chicken was good.

And the hotel room was interesting.

I never did find Eric though.  Probably would have been easier if he was riding his other bike.

In the end, Ryan and I did the 105 miles in less than six hours each day and with an average speed of over 18 mph. 

Three days later, and I was off to join James Knott on a four-day ride to Cleveland.  We rode the Ohio-to-Erie trail system from Columbus to Cleveland (Columbus to Cinci next year?). 

James did a great writeup of the tour over at  If you're interested in the details, check it out.

We had planned out a brewery tour along the way.  Didn't take a whole lot of arm twisting for me. 

James was a great riding companion and a font of knowledge.  As we rode, he explained that killdeers lay their eggs in ground nests, that kiwis have an extraordinary shelf life, that river otters are different than muskrats, and that blue pallets are patented.

Insert cock joke here.
We took plenty of time to smell the roses and drink the beer.

James is a person with an amazing capacity.  Once he directs his focus on something, he attacks it with a singular focus.  What we have seen on is only a sliver of the energy that James has. 

 I was just happy to ride in his wake for four days.

Then, it was time for the Ride of Silence.  If you ride bike in Columbus, this is a must-attend event.

I was there on behalf of COMBO.

But I was also there on behalf of my family.

My kids commute to school by bike.  And my wife rides for transportation too.  I hope that they will be respected when they are going about their business.

I also rode for me. I got to wear a red armband, because I have been hit by a car.  I felt an odd mix of sadness and yet pride at wearing the red armband.  I shouldn't feel like a winner for getting the special armband, right?  It's like being part of an exclusive club that you'd never want an invitation to. 

Anyway, we rode to honor the fallen.  And we rode to show our strength.  But I have to admit a certain satisfaction at, for once, being the dominant mode of traffic on the roads. 

On the COMBO side of things, I have been investing a lot of energy into our bike paths project

This is pretty important, so please come out to Whetstone Park of Roses on June 2 at 5:30 pm to let the City know how badly we need this and to lend your thoughts to the project. 

Also, we have made some scouting trips for a new project in Chillicothe.  Wouldn't you like to know . . .

That's it for now.  I covered a lot of ground, literally and figuratively.

Be brave.  Just do it in your freetime.

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