Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Looking forward to the NUE year


So, it's that time again. The race season is winding down and I'm looking forward to next year. 

Next season, I plan to do at least four NUE 100-mile races and build my season around them. 

So far, I have three on my list: the Cohutta 100, the Mohican 100, and the Lumberjack 100. What am I missing? What should I do for a fourth?

I am most stoked for the Mohican 100. That's a local race for me, and by far the closest of the NUE series. 

You may remember that the first time I tried it, two years ago, I ended up destroyed physically and mentally. And I was bleeding. 

This year, I went at it again, about 30 pounds lighter and much better trained. And I didn't pack the three beers this time. 

I did enjoy a few afterwards. That's probably the best part of this race - hanging out with all the local goofball mtbers. 


This year, I finished four hours faster and it inspired me to race the Shenandoah 100, which left me destroyed physically and mentally. At least I wasn't bloody. 

Ennyhoo ... registration is already open for the Mohican 100.  You should join me. Sign up here

Do it. Go ahead, I'll wait. 

I asked race director Ryan O'Dell for some of his favorite quotes from Mohican 100 racers. Here were some of his favorites:

1. "Rode the first 20 then realized I was already smoked," (Been there, done that). 

2. "I cried at mile 60." (Yep, me too). 

3. "I wanted to drop out but the promise of Great Lakes Beer kept me going."  (Indeed). 

If you didn't do register yet, maybe this will get you stoked:

And if that doesn't get you pumped, check your pulse. 

Be brave for 100 miles. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016



Winter is calling. That means it's about my favorite time - fat bike race season!


Are you excited? I am. 

I will be racing the Farmhand near Grand Rapids Michigan and the Fatbike National Championships. Also in Michigan. 

But you don't have to drive to Michigan for all this fun. You can race right here in Central Ohio. 

COMBO is hosting its race series at Chestnut Ridge. I will be there. Might even wear the unicorn suit. Come race me! 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Falling down on the job and why I'll never write a product review

My shoe lies in the middle of the trail - the rest of me was upside-down about 20 yards away in the woods
So, I have been failing to keep this blog updated regularly.  As you may know, I have been producing content for Dirt Rag and reposting it here.  The blog has, in essence, migrated to their website.

I still intend to keep posting links to those columns here, but I am seriously behind.  Part of the reason is that the Blogger app doesn't work on my phone anymore.  Anyone else have issues with the app?

Anyhoo, here's a column from last month (link below too).  In it, I call my friends nerds and I explain why I will never write a product review.  Hope you enjoy!  I'll try to have another post up in a week or so.