Saturday, December 31, 2016

F*** it. I'm hanging with the king


Serious question:

Burger King is offering a $4.00 value meal with a whopper jr., nuggets, fries and a soft drink. Assuming that you take a full-strength (not diet) drink, that's around 1,100 calories (including nugget sauce and ketchup). 

I'm not picking on Burger King, other chains offer similar deals, I just keep seeing their commercial and it makes me think about stuff. 


So, here's the question. Can you name another source of 1,100 calories that tastes that good for $4.00? 

You couldn't buy the ingredients to make this meal at a grocery store yourself for $4. 


That's 4/10 of a cent per calorie. It's hard to buy any food that cheaply. Maybe if you drank straight veggie oil. 


Nevermind nutrition, if you're going for bang for the buck, why wouldn't you eat this? 

Assuming a 2,000 calorie diet, and eating this 365 days per year, that's 730,000 calories per year. Or, 664 $4 value meals. That means it would cost you $2,654 to eat all year. Or $7.27 per day. Or, save even more by eating one $4 meal (1,100 calories) for lunch and then 2 packs of top ramen and a coke (520 calories, $1.50) for another meal. Boom. Out the door for $5.50 per day. 


Can you beat that? And I don't mean with plain rice or oatmeal. I mean with a flavorful meal with a drink. 

Check this site out if you really want some calorie bang for your buck. Although I don't recommend eating straight flour. 


Be brave, and eat a whopper. 


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