Thursday, December 8, 2016

'Tis the Off-season


Kittens keep it real. 

Anyhoo, it's the off-season and I'm busy getting fat (again). The good news is that I'm only a few pounds away from racing Clydesdale next season, so there's that. 


That's me between the kiddos. 

It's also almost Christmas, so I thought I'd give you some gift ideas for me, just in case you haven't gotten me anything yet. 

"Go in Peazizzle" St. Broadus, Patron Saint of Long Beach. 


For those cold nights on Hoth

I just need this, okay?

But if you're done with your shopping, could you do me a favor?

Stop in at COMBO's annual meeting and celebration  It's on December 19 at Lineage from 7:00 to 9:00. 

I will be presiding over the event until someone tells me I've had too many of Lineage's delicious beers and takes the mic from my hand. So, you know, get there early. 


You can hear about the threats to local mountain biking and what COMBO's doing about it. Plus, you get to mix and mingle with luminaries like Ed Braunbeck and James Knott. 

What else you got to do, eat Christmas cookies? 

It's gonna be a good time, fo' shizzle. 

Be brave in the off season. 

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