Saturday, February 11, 2017

Catching up and coming down

So, I have continued to be pretty busy.  Spending a lot of time on COMBO stuff lately.  But it's all good, because the end result will be amazing.

By the way, head over to COMBO's website before Feb 17 and grab one of the cool new jerseys.  Proceeds benefit COMBO so we can keep building trail.

Plus, the jersey is pretty fly, so, you'll be looking good while you help the trails.

Speaking of kits, my team has a brand-spanking new one:


Pretty stoked that Mad Tree Brewing joined the crew, along with Staas Brewing, Breakaway Cycles, Quickdirt, and Trek.  And MTBTP is on the kit too (look for the tiny font).  Could it get better?

Anyhoo, I realize I have been pretty bad about posting lately, so for the three of you who don't follow MTBTP on the book of faces, here's my latest Dirt Rag  column.  It's one of my biggest efforts to date.  Damn near good, if I do say so myself,  And there's some good advice in it from racers better than me about how to cope with the end-of-season blues.

Check it out.  Or don't, but pretend you did, for my sake.

That's it for now.  Should have a longer post up next weekend.

Be brave in the offseason!

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