Friday, March 24, 2017

WYD? The Barry Roubaix part 1


We're stupid. Really stupid. 

We're heading out on a Friday for a three-day trip to Michigan for a three to four hour race, the Barry-Roubaix. 

Think about that for a minute. We're giving up three weekend days for a 3-4 hour race. Does that make sense? 

And, here the forecast for race time:


Meantime, it's gonna be nice in central Ohio:



But first, I had to pick up my new bike. So, I headed off to Breakaway


As Joe and Mikey and I discussed the race, Dan and Paul started looking nervous. Paul said "your first ride on this bike is going to be a 62-mile race?" "You're killing me."


Yes. Yes I am. Paul is right to be concerned. The brakes haven't been burned in yet. No test ride for sizing. No opportunity to shakedown the build. 

I'm stupid. 

The bike is sahweeet. It's a Trek Crockett 5


And I'm gonna go get it dirty. 

I dunno. What would you do?

Be. Rave and be stupid.