Monday, May 29, 2017

Way behind again


So, here I am, gliding into summer and I am realizing I have badly neglesctes this blog. So, I apologize to all three of you. But, I have been busy. 

Busy with COMBO. 


Busy finding miracles in my bacon 

All hail mighty seahorse. 

And busy driving to far away places for long races and longer bar tabs. 


This is how an awesome mechanic fixed my missing axlenut at the Cohutta 100

That's Charles Nelson, the awesome mechanic who did it, of Trailhead Bicycles. Thanks man! 

Also, having fun riding new trails and new races here in Ohio. 


This was the Twain Reign of Pain 6-hour put on by Team Knobby Side Down  Great group of people, supporting their local trail system at Camp Tuscozoar. 

And I've been busy training. 


And hanging out with goofballs. 



That said, I owe you a post, so here's a like to one of the best things I have ever written, over on Dirt Rag's website. Hope you enjoy!

Be brace, and be busy.