Monday, June 5, 2017

Road diets and MTB diets


What's happening? 

I'm hungry today, so I'm posting food pics. 

That up there is a beet, asparagus, and quinoa salad with goat cheese on a bed of arugula. 

So good. 

Anyhow, some of you know I like to cook. Making good, healthy food is the only way I can stay on the diet. I can't just eat canned tuna and protein bars. I'd lose my mind. Got to have something to look forward to. 

But right now, I'm kinda hungry. 


Mango avacado slaw with pulled chicken and peanuts over spinach.

Not all diets are bad though. They just have to have a purpose. 

I'm on the "cut" right now. Trying to lose weight for the race season. And because I could still stand to lose 10 pounds. I'm a couple weeks, before my next big race, I will switch to "maintenance."  


Spicy turkey with cilantro and cabbage. 

Know what else is on a diet? The roads in my neighborhood

It's pretty cool. This four lane road (with center turn lane) will be cut to three and some protected bike lanes will be added. Can't wait. 

This section of road "technically" has a 30 mph speed limit, but nobody follows it. Which sucks, because there are a lot of pedestrians and bikes. 

So, the "road diet" should help. Bike lanes and low speed limits have a calming effect on traffic and promote local people to go to local business by foot or bike  All good. 

Breaded cauliflower bites with hot sauce and carrot salad. 

My wife and I already ride all over our neighborhood for errands and fun. This road diet opens up a whole new corridor for us. Baller. 


Ennyhoo, I have the perfect bike for the new bike lanes: my awesome Peugeot commuter. 

I wrote a whole story about how much I love this bike for Dirt Rag. Check it out here:

Be brave and diet. 

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