Friday, July 28, 2017

Couple of things

So, I have a random assortment of thoughts for you today. 

First off, I am on vacation. And, every time I'm on vacation, I'm reminded how much better it is to get around by bike. 

On past trips, I have tried to "train" on vacation. This usually leads to a boring out-and-back ride on the straightest path I could find. 

But recently, I have just picked a destination and arrived by sort of purposeful wandering. You see so much more and such cooler stuff than driving and you can cover more ground than walking. What were you going to do otherwise? Go "tourist shopping" for a bunch of overpriced crap that you don't need anyway?

My formula nowadays is a comfy bike, a backpack, my iPhone, and a couple beers. That way, I can pack stuff like a beach towel or lunch for impromptu stops. 

This time, we found lots of cool stuff off the beaten path, like the unicorn sculpture above. 

Also, an observation. I love my new moustache, but fewer people talk to me when I am out and about. Wonder why?

A double-edged sword, to be sure. But, my wife hates it, so it will probably be gone in a day or two. 

Anyhow, couple cool events in town relating to mountain biking. 

First off, Rebecca Rusch's film Blood Road, about her trip down the Ho Chi Minh trail, to find where her father's plane crashed, will be showing in town for one day. I'll be there. 

It's at The Gateway Center on August 18. Go ahead and preregister. I'll wait. 

Also, COMBO's board meeting in August will be at Alum Creek Phase Two. We will have a ride before the meeting, some cookout food, and a chance to stay and hear what COMBO's up to. I think some folks may even do a night ride after. Join us! 

And, I realize I'm behind on my Dirt Rag column. Here's my second-to-last post  about the Lumberjack 100. It was a great event and race. Even though our accommodations were "interesting."

Be brave and get lost!